About AAYS

Dedicated to being different, the Arizona Academy of Youth Soccer is a truly unique, non-profit soccer organization.

Quite simply, we’re Renegades, and proud of it. Formed in 2010, by renowned youth soccer coach, David Cruz, a dedicated group of soccer enthusiasts and a posse of passionateplayers, the Renegades knew there was a better way to “do” soccer in the Valley of the Sun. The Renegades Revolution was born.

We’re breaking all the rules and our kids are loving every minute of it.  We are too!

  • Tired of soaring soccer club fees?  You’re a Renegade.
  • Bothered by big club politics? You’re a Renegade.
  • Wish your child was being individually developed to their fullest potential? You’re a Renegade.

Spirited play and rapid skill attainment are the hallmarks of our programs. Become a Renegade and learn what being a technically talented soccer player is truly about.

“Creating great soccer players is what we do, but our aspirations for your children and your family are much greater than that.”

We invite you to look at other soccer clubs to compare their values and core beliefs to ours.  You’ll quickly see that they focus on good sportsmanship, pride and respect.  Those elements are indeed fundamental to creating well-rounded players, but shouldn’t they be a “given” rather than the end all?

At the Arizona Academy of Youth Soccer, it’s our Core Beliefs and our implementation of them that truly set us apart.

We encourage you to come to a training session and talk to our coaches, players, parents and staff.  You’ll soon realize that something’s very different about the Academy … and that’s a good thing!


Our Core Beliefs

“The Beautiful Game is a lot like life. One minute you’re playing offense, the next minute you’re playing defense. The key to survival, and ultimately success, is how well you handle the transitions.”

As In Soccer, As In Life:

Often referred to as “The Beautiful Game”, soccer is a lot like life. One minute you’re playing offense, the next minute you’re playing defense.  The key to survival, and ultimately success, is how well you handle the transitions.  Quick and thoughtful adaptations place you on a firm foundation to endure the attack or snatch victory from an apparent defeat.  “The Beautiful Game” is also about creativity and improvisation – thinking on the fly and experiencing the real time outcomes of one’s decisions.  Soccer is a vehicle through which the Arizona Academy of Youth Soccer teaches your child to thrive within the challenges and opportunities life provides. Soccer and Life … they are equally “The Beautiful Game”.

Passion For Players:
We love our club, but we’re passionate about our players. Hard work, determination and perseverance are the keys to success both on and off the pitch. Make no mistake; your player will be continually challenged – by both the game and their coaches.  However, if they’re falling behind or need a little extra help mastering a skill we’ll do everything within our power to ensure their success.  Inviting our Academy players to attend FREE private lessons outside of team training sessions is standard practice at the Arizona Academy of Youth Soccer.

Family First:
We believe the Arizona Academy of Youth Soccer is one big family and we’ve specifically structured our programs to create a “family feel”.  Our players and parents, regardless of team affiliation, know one another and take a genuine interest in each other. We have frequent club outings, inviting all our players and their family members to join in the fun. Once a week and all throughout the off-season our Academy players train together as a single unit.  Because of this, older players naturally become big-sisters/brothers to younger ones. It’s great to see and a joy to experience.  As a result, we don’t suffer from club politics or inter-team rivalries. Our “doing soccer together,” allows us to share a collective Academy Renegades pride and a sense of belonging that transcends our individual teams.

Not About The Money:
The Arizona Academy of Youth Soccer is a non-profit organization.  While other soccer clubs can make that claim, you’d never know it by looking at their fees. We are dedicated to superior training and development of your child without the exorbitant price tag. We’re not about the money. In fact, our club program tuition is typically half the cost of other soccer clubs in the Valley.  The 2012-2013 fees in our competitive program (Academy) are only $795 and include high quality Adidas uniforms, league play and participation in the Presidents Cup or State Cup Tournament.

Academics Before Academy:
Becoming a talented soccer player takes significant time, dedication and perseverance.  So does being successful in school … and at the Academy, academics come first.  We reward our players for solid grades and encourage them to bring report cards to practice to receive recognition and praise from staff, coaches and fellow players. We also ask them to skip practice if they are falling behind academically or need to prepare for an upcoming project or test.  Players are NEVER penalized with reduced playing time for missing practice because of academic reasons.

Touches, Touches, Touches and More Touches:
In order to rapidly progress their technical and tactical skills, players need to touch the ball … a lot. For most, using feet is not as natural as using hands.  And using one’s left foot is not as natural as using one’s right (unless you’re a leftie of course).  Therefore, the only way to improve in “The Beautiful Game” is to get a lot of touches on the ball.  It’s really that simple. For our younger players this means participating in small-sided games of 3 vs. 3 or 4 vs. 4.  For our older players, it means NOT packing our team rosters to the league allowable limits.  After all, fewer players means more touches per player per game … and that’s exactly what we want.

Bigger Isn’t Better:
We’re growing, but not because of clever marketing or recruiting efforts.  Rather, it’s because our secret is getting out.  The Arizona Academy of Youth Soccer believes in managed growth at a pace allowing us to focus on quality and the individual development of our players. We will not grow for growth’s sake, nor will we form new teams for the purpose of increasing club revenues.  We’d rather have fewer, better quality teams than dilute opportunities for committed players and their families. We’re taking our time to do it right and to ensure we’re staying true to our Core Beliefs. We don’t want to be like any other soccer club … after all that’s why we’re Renegades.


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